T’s & C’s

  • Booking of Coach / Confirmation

    • Written acceptance of our quote
    • 25% deposit upon confirmation.
    • Balance payable 3 days prior to operation.
  • Cancellation Policy

    • Deposits are not refundable when cancelling vehicle within 30 days. This includes weather conditions.
    • Cancellation prior to the 30 days will incur a 20% handling fee.
    • In the event of the coach being cancelled on date of departure, the Company has the right to claim the full balance outstanding from the Organization / Paying Party.
  • Extra Charges

    • When booking a coach for a specific destination, extra will be charged if the kilometers are exceeded or you are not at the destination originally requested. The shortest route is always taken / used.
  • Accommodation

    • The Coach Company is not responsible for the accommodation of passengers at destination. Passengers are not allowed to overnight, sleep in the vehicle at destination / cook or prepare meals in the vehicle.
    • Driver's accommodation and meals to be seen to by your party.
  • Departure Points

    • The Coach Company allows for 3 pick up points before departure, and on return drop off at those same pick up points, unless alternative arrangements are made with the Company.
  • Damages

    • The Coach Company does not hold itself responsible for any incidents, injury or accidents beyond it's control e.g.
      • Poorly constructed, bumpy, slippery road surfaces
      • Storm or snow blockages on route to destination or on return journey causing diversions or longer routes at cost to the organizer or paying party.
    • The Coach Company does not hold itself responsible for injuries incurred due to overloading of
      • Passengers
      • Goods
      • Parcels
      • Objects
    • The Coach Company is not responsible for damage or loss to luggage, personal effects eg. clothing, cameras, watches etc. due to negligence of passengers.
    • The Coach Company holds the organizers responsible for any damage to the vehicle in the event that they force the driver into inaccessible areas or roads and gateways where the driver feel that it is not safe for him to go into, putting passengers and vehicle at risk.
  • Smoking / Alcohol

    • Smoking and alcohol is not allowed on our coaches. Any damages to the interior of coach due to smoking related incidents or abuse by passengers paying party will be held responsible. The Company does not hold itself responsible in the event of a passenger / passengers injuring himself/herself on our coach due to alcohol, drug abuse or by any other means.
  • Tour Guides

    • The Coach Company does not provide Tour Guides, in the event of a sub-hire to fully fledged Tourist orientated Company / Organization
  • Breakdowns

    • In the event of our vehicle breaking down mechanically we will dispatch a mechanic from the nearest point of breakdown. In the event the vehicle is not repairable or it takes too long for repairs to be effected, we will dispatch a replacement vehicle from our depot / nearest point to continue with the journey. Alternatively other arrangements will be made exclusively by our Company to speed up the process. If the Organizer / Paying party make their own arrangements without consulting with the Company they, themselves will be held responsible for all payments incurred, e.g. hiring of highly expensive vehicles and unnecessary hotel accommodation etc.
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